This is Cikumas

Cikumas is the best learning platform for teachers looking to create a modern classroom environment. Developed by high school students in Switzerland, Cikumas puts teachers at the heart of teaching and empowers them with amazing tools. Teachers can enjoy free access to classroom management, content uploading and creation, assignment monitoring, and auto-grading features, and many more benefits. Watch our video, or sign up for free to see what Cikumas can do for your classroom.
Alexander Degenhardt
Noah Liebherr
Alexander Degenhardt and Noah Liebherr, developed Cikumas due to the frustrations they felt in their classroom. Although there are multiple online solutions already available, they do not understand or satisfy the needs of a student. Alexander and Noah seized an opportunity to take their classroom and jump start it into the digital era. We believe that dynamic education is the key to student success in our globalized world, and that the conventional classroom tools do not offer enough to support dynamic learning. They want to provide teachers with the tools that modern technology can offer.
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